Love Much Shoot Day #1


Shoot-day 1 was a blast! Here’s the rundown:

We loaded everything in and got things set up. Speaking of set, Sarah Benedict is a MONSTER with Production Design. Her attention to detail is so thorough, you could add just about any colorful expression and it would still apply. Our first shot was a little behind schedule but once we were set up, we were on and rolling!

Like, really rolling. Like, we-ended-up-taking-our-break-90-minutes-before-schedule, rolling. Shout out to Jessica Narduli (1AD) and Michael Dew (DP) for that.  After the break we jumped back into it. The first half of the shoot featured the amazing Liana Maneese as America Reynolds. The second half of shooting features the very talented Linda Marie Kanyarusoke in the role of Elle. This was the most dynamic part of the shoot because it involved stunts choreographed by Capoeista and Certified Movement Specialist Diego Villada.

Thanks to everyone on set: Jessica Nardulli, Michael Dew, Sarah Benedict, Ling Yun Sun, Chris Bollinger, Tim Kulina, Diego Villada, Liana Maneese, Linda Marie Kanyarusoke, Kelsy Muchnock, Aya Moudden… any one else?

Thank you, all!

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