Director Statement

LOVE MUCH was inspired by a nasty break-up many years ago. I began to examine all kinds of relationships. How can people raised in the same society with the same basic standards get into relationships (platonic, romantic, business, or otherwise) and have such  fundamental misunderstandings of each other? I found the main source of these misunderstandings, especially when Black women peruse romantic relationships, is the dissonance between Reality and Image. These images are often based on archetypes, stereotypes, and shallow, antiquated misinterpretations. The reality is a near-tangible thing that people are reluctant to embrace because of damaging and tightly held stereotype-based belief systems. Sometimes, this causes one to reject a potentially healthy relationship.  The reality, especially for black women, is that these images do not allow for the range of experiences and expression as is allowed women of other races. This is the platform for dissonance.
LOVE MUCH is a romantic comedy that addresses colorism, internal and external stereotypical pressures, and how one woman has come to handle the dissonance between all three.

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